Odebrecht Latinvest has reached an agreement to sell 57% of Rutas de Lima, a road concession, to Brookfield, a global asset manager. Upon completion of the sale, Rutas de Lima will be owned by Brookfield and its institutional partners (57%), Odebrecht Latinvest (25%) and Sigma (18%). 

All owners are committed to ensuring on-going development projects remain on track to be completed as previously planned.  They will focus on both improving operating services and identifying additional infrastructure investment opportunities.  

The transaction has been formally reported to the Lima Prefecture. 


It is a self-sustaining concession in Lima, Peru’s capital, which includes the granting of the three major road access and exits of the capital: Panamericana Norte, Panamericana Sur and Ramiro Prialé, integrating 23 districts and benefiting all types of transport.

The main objectives of the Concessionaire are make the roads safer, work for the ordering of vehicular traffic and be recognized for providing high quality services.


A company member of Odebrecht Organization, Odebrecht Latinvest was created in 2012 to consolidate the road concessions already awarded in Peru and Colombia, as well as identifying new opportunities to invest in and operate transportation and logistics systems in Latin America (except brazil).

Aditional information

- Execution of the Concession Agreement: Jan 13, 2013
- Granting authority: Metropolitan Municipality of Lima
- 115-km stretch including the three main routes to and from Lima: Panamericana Norte, Panamericana Sur and Ramiro Prialé
- The concession registers average daily traffic of 250,000 vehicles in the stretches closer to the capital, and serves on average 3,000 road emergencies monthly<0}
- At the end of 2014, it registered the largest placement of bonds in Peruvian soles in the history of Peru's capital markets, obtaining 5 international recognitions for its financial structure
- World Finance - Project Finance Deal of the Year (2014) Award
- Latin Finance - Best Infrastructure Financing: Andes (2015) Award
- Latin Finance - Best Local Currency Infrastructure Financing (2015) Award
- Latin Finance - Best Road Financing (2015) Award
- IFM - Best Public Private Partnership Project (2015) Award
- In less than a year of concession, Rutas de Lima obtained the Tri-Certification Accreditation (ISO 9001 / ISO 18001 / OHSAS 14001) 
- In less than two years, the concessionaire paved more than 2 million sq. meters of roads and used – for the first time in Peru – a warm mix asphalt (WMA), which significantly reduces environmental impact