Read the full notice published by Odebrecht this Friday in the Folha de S. Paulo, O Estado de S. Paulo, Valor Econômico and O Globo newspapers.

Odebrecht Notice

Odebrecht voices its indignation with the undue exposure of its team members and those that maintain relations with the company due to the many leaks of documents, personal data and confidential information extracted from the investigation involving some of its executives or former executives.

During the course of this investigation, many of these incomplete documents, data and information, often lacking context, have been released to the media in a distorted and mystifying manner, confusing the public opinion, generating erroneous conclusions and raising unfounded suspicions of facts and people that have no relation to Operation Car Wash.

Recent news on donations by Construtora Norberto Odebrecht to Fundação iFHC is a clear example of this regrettable and abusive practice that has become a routine part of this investigation, despite formal complaints to competent authorities in an effort to stem their occurrence.

Reports from the investigation that were presented with the pretext of revealing suspicious acts are nothing more than bank extracts of donations by the Odebrecht group company to the Foundation in question in the form of institutional support.

The fact that Construtora Norberto Odebrecht provided support to Fundação iFHC, as well as other institutions in Brazil and overseas, is no secret, and is in fact a part of the institutional policy of the Odebrecht Group. Both Construtora Norberto Odebrecht and the entities it supports always confirm these relations as a legitimate and common practice among dozens of other companies.

Odebrecht deplores the illegitimate exposure to which it continues to be exposed and the inconveniences caused to people affected by these clearly illegal leaks, which have no other objective than to expose the Odebrecht group and its team members to public shaming, fostering an unfavorable public opinion of the group, its executives and former executives currently under criminal investigation within Operation Car Wash.

Odebrecht hopes that level heads prevail in leading the investigation and the respect of the rights and guarantees of all citizens, including those under investigation, is unconditional.