Rio de Janeiro, May 22, 2017 – Odebrecht Óleo e Gás S.A. (OOG) and certain subsidiaries have entered into an agreement with a group of creditors to restructure their financial debt.  This process will occur by means of an extrajudicial reorganization pursuant to reorganization plans filed today before the Court of the State of Rio de Janeiro.

The terms of the restructuring were consensually agreed with a group of creditors representing more than 60% of the total amount of the restructured claims.

Pursuant to the plans, the debt securities (Notes) due 2021 and 2022 (“2021 Notes” and “2022 Notes”, respectively), and secured by the drilling units owned by OOG’s subsidiaries, will be exchanged for new notes, with revised terms based on the present cash flow of the assets.  Under the terms of the new notes, amortizations will occur quarterly, in two tranches.  The first tranche has a fixed amortization schedule, and bears the same interest rate (6.35% pa for the 2021 Notes and 6.72% pa for the 2022 Notes) and the maturity (2021 and 2022) as the current Notes.  The second tranche is subordinated to the first tranche and has a 100% variable amortization, based on the cash surplus of the projects.  The second tranche Notes will bear interest at a rate 1% pa higher than the first tranche Notes and mature in 2026.

Corporate creditors of OOG will receive, in exchange for their existing debt, new perpetual participatory bonds that ensure the right to receive a share of any dividend distributions of OOG.

Cancellation of Tay IV Charter

OOG has been engaged in constructive discussions with the holders of both the 2021 Notes and 2022 Notes since the end of 2015.  The negotiations commenced following the cancellation by Petrobras, in September 2015, of the charter and services agreements of the ODN Tay IV drilling rig which had been scheduled to expire on its terms in 2020.  ODN Tay IV is one of the assets securing the 2022 Notes together with three other drillships.

Pursuant to the indenture governing the issuance of the 2022 Notes, upon the cancellation of the charter or services agreement of one of the assets securing the Notes, failure to obtain a new charter or services agreement within a 90-day period results in an event of default. The company was unable to obtain new charter and services agreements due to the challenging market environment in the upstream oil and gas sector worldwide.

Since 2016, the negotiations also included the company's main corporate creditors, which include some of the largest Brazilian banks and large international fixed-income investment funds.


We highlight that there are no overdue outstanding debt between OOG and its suppliers and employees.  The assets of the company currently in operation remain in regular operation with favorable performance indices.  OOG has sufficient resources to continue operating these assets, and the restructuring is not expected to impair or affect OOG’s ability to continue performing its obligations under the charter and services agreements.

The restructuring of OOG's debt is intended to enhance the company’s liquidity and strengthen its short and long-term financial position, adjusting its capital structure to allow for growth and to take advantage of any opportunities available once the level of investment in the oil and gas industry recovers. Once the extrajudicial reorganization is approved by the Court of the State of Rio de Janeiro, the terms of the restructuring will be binding on all holders of the 2021 notes, the 2022 notes and creditors of the restructured claims at OOG level.

About Odebrecht Oil & Gas

The Odebrecht Group has provided services to the Brazilian oil industry since 1953.  In 1979, it began operations in the offshore drilling sector, and has become the first privatly-owned Brazilian company to provide this type of service in Brazil.  In the 1990s, it expanded its operations overseas, including the North Sea, specializing in the provision of services and FPSO operation.  In 2006, the Odebrecht Group concentrated its oil and gas investments into a new company, Odebrecht Oil & Gas.  Odebrecht Oil & Gas is Brazilian company which operate both in the national and international marketplace, and is capable of providing integrated solutions for the upstream oil and gas industry, from investment to operations, in the segments of Offshore Drilling, Submarine Construction, Offshore Production and Offshore Maintenance and Services.  Its guiding value is the safety of its team members and operations, in addition to the use of technological innovations, a commitment to preservation of the environment and operational excellence.  For more information, please access:

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