With 65 years of experience installing and structuring infrastructure projects, Odebrecht presents a specific company to intensify its presence in the highway, urban transportation, logistics infrastructure and airport sectors – Odebrecht TransPort. The new company gathers five different assets – Rota das Bandeiras (SP), Embraport (SP), Via Parque (PE), Via Quatro (SP) and Litoral Norte (BA) – which represent earnings of R$ 502 million for 2010. When consolidated, Odebrecht TransPort will be one of Brazil’s main providers of infrastructure for transport and logistics.

“It is a natural evolution in Odebrecht’s operations, and the Company has already invested more than R$ 58 billion in infrastructure projects in Brazil and the entire world. In addition to obtaining improved synergy, the gathering of assets into a single company also reflects the Organization’s conviction to position itself in a differentiated fashion based on the growth potential of the country’s transport and logistics sector,” said Geraldo Villin, President of Odebrecht TransPort.

The company will direct its investments at complete projects, from the initial development to maturity phases, primarily through public-private partnerships (PPPs) and concessions. The expectation is to create an integrated company that combines assets from the entire logistics and infrastructure chain. “Besides the guaranteed quality and safety of the services considered essential for economic growth, working in partnership with the government also allows the state to reallocate funds originally designed for infrastructure to other areas,” said Villin.

Over the next five years, the Company has already planned to make R$ 5 billion in investments for the current business. Among those opportunities that interest Odebrecht TransPort are federal and state highway concessions, including the axes located near major cities; as well as urban transport and logistics such as port terminals and conduits. Odebrecht TransPort is prepared to work with partners that add investment capacity and experience. Its corporate model should replicate successful formulas obtained through other experiences within the Organization by attracting qualified associates to participate in the company’s development and growth.

Odebrecht TransPort concentrates assets strategically located near major metropolitan areas in a single group. The current portfolio is formed by operations in the highway concessions, port terminal and urban transport sectors.


- Rota das Bandeiras (start of contract: 2008): 30-year concession for the D. Pedro I Corridor, which extends 296 km, located in the region of Campinas in rural São Paulo. The stretch transverse 17 cities, through which approximately 150,000 vehicles pass per day.

- Via Quatro (start of contract: 2010): 30-year concession for the operation and maintenance of Line 4 – Yellow of the São Paulo City Subway, with estimates for 705,000 passengers per day during its first phase. It is Brazil’s first subway-related public-private contract.

- Embraport (start of contract: 2009): the country’s largest private multi-use terminal, located in Santos (SP) with the capacity to operate over 1.5 million TEU (container equivalent to 20 feet) and approximately 2 billion liters of ethanol. The investments for Phase-1 of the terminal development are estimated at US$ 500 million.

- Via Parque (start of contract: 2007): highway system consisting of a 320-meter bridge over the Jaboatão River connecting Barra de Jangada Beach to Paiva Beach in Pernambuco, as well as the access ways with Recife. It is the country’s first public-private highway partnership. Result of an R$ 76.5 million investment.

- CLN –Litoral Norte Concessionaire (start of contract: 2001): 35-year concession for the BA-099 Highway, which includes Coco Road and the “Green Line” and connects the city of Lauro de Freitas to the border of the States of Bahia and Sergipe. It extends 271 km and is located in a region with accelerated urban and tourism development.


Odebrecht Investimentos em Infraestrutura, the controlling shareholder of Odebrecht TransPort, remains as the project investor in Brazil, as Arena Fonte Nova, and abroad, as Rota do Sol, in Colombia. The company focuses its operations on concessions and public-private partnerships, from the project development to maturation phases. In 2008, the company invested R$ 1.3 billion in infrastructure projects.

Founded in 1944, Odebrecht is a Brazilian company present in South America, Central America, North America, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. A Latin American leader in the engineering and construction and chemistry and petrochemical segments, the company also operates in the bioenergy, environmental engineering, real estate and oil and gas sectors. The Organization has over 92,000 professionals from 50 different countries.

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