Odebrecht Real Estate Developments (OR) deliveries, on April 26 and 27, respectively, the business and hotel units of the LED (Life Essential Design) multipurpose complex in Barra Funda. The venture is in harmony with Operação Urbana Áuga Branca (Água Branca Urban Operation), from the City Hall of São Paulo, which carries out the transformation of the former industrial region into a new housing and trade center.

The Barra Funda LED consists of a building, with 460 business rooms and a strip mall, with 19 stores; in addition to having a hotel; the venture also has a residential building, with 168 units, delivered in August 2015. 

According to Bruno Scacchetti, OR Incorporation director, with the delivery of commercial step of the project, Barra Funda LED brings a new order of urban occupation for the region, guided by the concept of living, working, buying and having fun in a same place. “The contemporary order of big cities is replaced by enterprises that can offer everything that people need for their day-to-day life without requiring large displacements, spending less time and, consequently, gaining more quality of life”, he states. 

Barra Funda LED is located at an area with more than 10 thousand m², with access by Rua Adalberto Kemeny (residential LED) and by Av. Marques de São Vicente (Business LED, Hotel LED and Mall LED) – one of the main axis of interconnection of the West Zone with the Center and the North Zone –, near Barra Funda subway station and bus corridors. In addition to the ease of access, the region also provides infrastructure of trade and services, supermarkets and banks, in addition to leisure options as Parque da Água Branca, Memorial da América Latina (Latin America Memorial) and the shopping malls Bourbon and West Plaza. 

Technical sheet - Barra Funda Commercial and Hotel LED:
Construction and Incorporation: Odebrecht Real Estate Developments
Architecture Project: Jonas Birger
Landscaping project: Benedito Abbud
Design project: Fernanda Marques (commercial) and Thomas Michaelis (Hotel)
The area of the commercial land: 8169.55 m²
Building: 01
Total units: 460 Business units, distributed in 27 floors, with sizes varying from 34 m² to 516 m² with junctions; and 19 stores, at least 27 m² large
General Sales Value (VGV, Valor Geral de Vendas): R$ 225 million, corresponding to business, hotel and stores area; R$ 290 million, corresponding to the total VGV of the venture (including the residential unit, with R$ 65 million)