A leading Brazilian builder that has delivered over 80 real estate projects in the last 10 years, Odebrecht Real Estate Developments has changed its name to OR, gained a new visual identity and is launching today (22) its new brand and market positioning.

“The new brand reflects the onset of a new cycle for the company. New prospects are emerging with the resumption of launches, anticipating the expected recovery in the real estate market over the coming years,” said Sergio Kertész, director of Marketing, Communication and Sales at OR.

The builder went for a name that kept the familiarity already created in the real estate market and promoted transparency. It wanted a name that conveyed the future, without foregoing the past.

“The market recognizes the quality of our deliveries and the superior finishing of our projects. The expectation is for the company to evolve, while keeping the attributes already recognized by customers,” added Kertész.

The executive also said that OR plans to position itself as a profitable, interactive and sustainable company. “We want to reinforce key messages and further strengthen our attributes, such as our construction quality; the strategic location of our projects; the unique and functional aspects of our projects; and, of course, our efficient customer relations,” he explained.


Objective and direct, the new logo is easily understood and memorized in a highly disperse industry with innumerous brands. Facilitating application, the logo is also well designed technically for use at all touchpoints. In addition to projecting objectivity and security, it conveys trust and delivery capacity.

The colors were developed using the transparency rules and color pallet of the brand architecture of the Odebrecht group, while highlighting the color orange, which is associated with energy and sunlight. Meanwhile, the signature “Construindo com você” [Building with you] identifies the company’s industry and represents its interactivity with stakeholders, especially its customers.

OR Campaign and Meeting

The entire theme of the campaign will be developed from the slogan “Construindo com você.” Launched jointly with the OR Meeting campaign, it will start today (22) in offline media (newspapers) and online media (Internet and social networks) and end on Dec. 2, the day of a special event featuring promotions on residential, commercial and multipurpose properties.


The creation of OR’s new brand and positioning is the product of a partnership between the company, Keenwork Design and the advertising agency Pátria.  
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About OR 

With operations nationwide and regional offices in Salvador, Recife, Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Campinas and Brasília, OR develops residential, corporate and mixed-use projects that meet the needs and particularities of each local market and target public, while always upholding the standard of excellence for which it is known. OR is a founding member of the Green Building Council, an organization that fosters the sustainable construction industry in Brazil, and builds LEED-certified projects. It also works with other green seals, such as Aqua, Procel and the Caixa Blue Seal.

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