Odebrecht understands that the leak of confidential information determined by the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court – and that released on facts which took place in Venezuela – constitutes a crime which threatens the legal security of current plea-bargaining and leniency agreements and smooth running of the due legal process.

For this reason, the company hopes that the authorities with the power of custody over confidential content identify those responsible for the leaks and take appropriate measures to prevent the continued practice of this offence.

This attitude is an unwavering part of fulfilling a duty by those who have the institutional mission of, above, all, ensuring the protection of rights and integrity of individuals and companies which assist the Court on account of agreements signed and duly approved by the Judiciary.

Due to the seriousness of the facts, the company will file petitions at the Federal Supreme Court and Attorney General`s Office, requesting that, having investigated the illegalities, those responsible are subject to sanctions set out in Law.

Odebrecht continues to cooperate with the Court in Brazil and the countries in which it has activities and the cooperation agreement which it signed has proven effective, including developments in new investigations and legal proceedings in Brazil and abroad.