Construtora Norberto Odebrecht clarifies that it was the target of a search and seizure procedure at its head offices in Rio de Janeiro this morning (Tuesday, July 28, 2015) and at the home of one of its executives, which was conducted coercively, in order to make a deposition at the Federal Police offices in Rio de Janeiro.

All of our executives and the company have always been available to the authorities to provide clarification and present documents within the domain of Operation Lava Jato [“Car Wash”] investigations, with the measures adopted on this date being unjustifiable.

CNO reaffirms that it has never taken part in offering or paying kickbacks for contracts with any public or private client, which obviously includes Eletronuclear. Therefore, it does not acknowledge the allegations made by a whistle blower as true, which were made in order to obtain his freedom, on account of a pre-trial detention, and does not have any commitment to the truth.