All the documents and testimonies about events that happened in the past, including the complete database of the Drousys and My Web Day systems of the former Structured Operations sector, have been in the possession of the Brazilian Federal Public Prosecutor's Office (MPF) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) for three years. In other words, they are available to the countries that have concluded leniency agreements with Odebrecht and have completed the homologation process. This is a procedure adopted by justice systems worldwide. It establishes the confidentiality of the information in order to safeguard the progress of investigations, respecting the sovereignty of each nation and seeking the effectiveness of legal actions against the accused.   

It is incorrect to say that the company has omitted information or that all the projects mentioned in these documents are linked to acts of corruption. It is also important to emphasize that there is a relevant part of the information made available by the company to the justice systems in several countries, and that has not yet become public, due to the confidentiality of the processes.   

Odebrecht would like to be recognized not only for the consistency of its collaboration, which is unrestricted and continuous, but also for the transformation it has already undertaken in its operations, combining its recognized engineering capacity with ethical, integrity and transparent attitudes.