An initiative of the Odebrecht Organization in support of historical research and Brazilian editorial production, the Clarival do Prado Valladares Award announces the winning project for its 6th edition.

The topic of the winning study is “Sugar in Turbulent Waters: Trade between Brazil, Portugal and Holland (1595-1618).” The author, economist and historian Daniel Strum had his work selected from over 200 entered projects. Based on his Doctorate in History, which he completed at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the work describes the trade process of Colonial Brazil’s main commodity: sugar. The study will be concluded at the end of 2011, when the book will be launched with the editorial quality of Odebrecht Cultural Editions.

Strum’s work will present an overview of the evolution in production, trade and consumption of sugar from the start of Brazil’s colonization to the Dutch invasion in 1630. With rich material collected in loco from Port, Lisbon and Amsterdam archives, the project’s originality is found precisely in the integration and cross-reference between the sources and Portuguese, Dutch and Brazilian literature.

The geopolitical and religious contexts, which generated serious risks and challenges for mercantile activity – from the loss and damage to goods to even the imprisonment and death of merchants –, will also be explored in Strum’s book. The study will also show how the Reformation and Counter-Reformation added to the rivalry between Catholic and Protestant countries in Europe and outside it.

For the sixth edition of the Clarival do Prado Valladares Award, there were 218 works from researchers from 18 Brazilian states. The topics are focused on a range of different areas – history, art, architecture, anthropology and politics. São Paulo was the state to send the highest number of projects, with 60, followed by Rio de Janeiro (44) and Bahia (33). Participants included professionals from the areas of History, Journalism and Communication, Social Sciences, Architecture and Urbanism and Literature, among others.

Works for the 7th edition of the Clarival do Prado Valladares Award (2010) will be accepted until April 30. Researchers from all over Brazil are invited to participate, whether or not they are associated with academic institutions, and may present unpublished research projects in the areas of economic history, social-political change and artistic creation from the different regions of the country. The Odebrecht Organization is responsible for providing the resources necessary for the complete fulfillment of the selected projects, from the research to publication of the illustrated book.

The award is one of the few opportunities for researchers to obtain sponsorship for historic research outside the official financing sources. There is no pre-established amount for the sponsorship. Rather, it depends on each selected project. Since its creation in 2003, over 1,000 works have been entered and five books have been published. Among the titles, “The Church and Convent of São Francisco da Bahia" by professor Maria Helena Ochi Flexor and Frei Hugo, was recently launched and also celebrates the 50 years of cultural contribution by the Odebrecht Organization.

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