The Aguas del Paraná Consortium – which is headed by Odebrecht Infrastructure in Argentina – achieved a new goal: the conclusion of the second stretch of the tunnel that joins Paraná de las Palmas with the future water treatment unit Juan Manuel de Rosas.

Extending approximately 15 kilometers (km), the tunnel is part of the construction work of the new potable water plant for the company AySA (Agua y Saneamientos Argentinos S.A.).

Using two TBMs (also known as the “tatuzão”) named “Liliana” and “Cristina” to excavate the tunnel, some 63,000 invert precast concrete units were placed during two years of work to form 10,600 concrete rings for the tunnel. During the second phase, the TBM “Liliana” opened up 6.55 km of total course. The TBM “Cristina” was responsible for the first 8 km of tunnel – a stretch delivered in July of this year.

With a diameter of 3.6 meters, the tunnel will allow for the transport of 900,000 cubic meters of water until the AySA treatment plant.