Odebrecht Group

Odebrecht Cultural Center

A solid repository of experiences and teachings

Gathered by successive generations of members, can be found at the Odebrecht Cultural Center. Visitors can familiarize themselves with the history of the Group as they examine photos, videos, documents, medals, trophies and other items.

Located at the Group’s head office in Salvador (Bahia) since 1984, the collection is accessible even to those who are far away through an online version that is rich in content and interactive resources. The website also makes it possible to take a virtual tour of Odebrecht Cultural Center's facilities.

This resource places the memory of seven decades of accomplishments at the service of people both inside and outside Odebrecht.

Odebrecht Cultural Center’s main purpose is to drive future achievement by allowing people to learn from the experiences of the past. The space is emblematic of communication among the three generations that have built the Group.

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