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Laúca Hydroelectric Power Plant

Odebrecht Infrastructure - Africa, Arab Emirates and Portugal is responsible for the civil and electromechanical works of the Hydroelectric Power Plant in Laúca, the largest undertaking in the history of the Group in the country and the largest hydroelectric facility under construction in Africa, with 2,057 MW of power. 

Cambambe Hydroelectric Power Plant

The company is executing the infrastructure operations of the Lobito Refinery, in Benguela, including the construction of a marine terminal. The Business is also responsible for the rehabilitation of Center 1 of the Cambambe Hydroelectric Power Plan, for the construction of Center 2 of the project, and for electromechanical assembly which will raise the power of the plant to 960 MW. 


Paraná de Las Palmas Project

Work on the Paraná de las Palmas project is being carried out by Odebrecht Infrastructure - Latin America. The undertaking will transport water from the Paraná river to the treatment station through a 15-km tunnel, transforming it into drinking water to serve some 2.5 million people in the Northern region of Buenos Aires.

Sarmiento Underground Railroad Project

The Business is also working on the Sarmiento railroad underground works project, which includes the construction of a 36.75 km tunnel and promises to improve one of the primary rail services connecting the capital with other regions of the province of Buenos Aires.

Gas Pipelines and Gas Compression Plants

In 2013,  Odebrecht Industrial Engineering constructed 170 km of gas pipelines for Cammesa, as well as the General Conesa, San Jeronimo, Dolavan, Cerri, and Garayalde gas compression plants. It was also involved in the construction of the first continuous catalytic reforming plant (CCR) in the country,  at the Ensenada Refinery, for the state-owned Argentinian company YPF.


Maintenance of Petrochemical Units

Odebrecht Industrial Engineering is involved in the construction and implementation of the Ethanol Logistics and Transport System for Logum. There are 144 km of ethanol pipelines crossing 10 municipalities in the states of São Paulo and Minas Gerais. Additionally, it also manages shutdowns for the maintenance of the Braskem petrochemical units in Bahia. 

Rio de Janeiro

With several projects underway throughout Brazil, Construtora Norberto Odebrecht is currently constructing Metro Line 4 in Rio de Janeiro, which will transport more than 300,000 people starting in 2016; the Morro da Providência Cable Car, which spans some 721 meters and has three stations; and the Port of Maravilha, with a redevelopment project of the port area of the city. In Bahia, the Business is working on a revitalization project for Orla da Barra, in Salvador.

Federal District Administrative Center

Construtora Norberto Odebrecht is also involved in the construction of the Federal District Administrative Center, the operation of which is handled by Odebrecht Properties, as well as the expansion works for the Goiânia Airport, and the execution of the Goiânia Light Rail Transit (LRT) - in cooperation with Odebrecht TransPort, which will operate the system.

Santo Antônio Hydroelectric Power Plant

In the energy sector, Construtora Norberto Odebrecht is involved in the construction of the Teles Pires Hydroelectric Power Plant (1,820 MW), in Mato Grosso; the Baixo Iguaçu Hydroelectric Power Plant (350.2 MW), in Paraná; the Belo Monte Hydroelectric Power Plant (11,233 MW), in Pará, and the Santo Antônio Hydroelectric Power Plant (3,568 MW), in Rondônia.


Odebrecht Agroindustrial ended the 2013/2014 season with the milling of 22.5 million tons of cane sugar at its nine production units spread across the states of Goiás, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, and São Paulo. This amount is enough to generate more than 1.5 billion liters of ethanol and 525,000 tons of sugar, in addition to the co-generation of 2.3 thousand GWh of electricity.


Ruta del Sol Project

Odebrecht Infrastructure - Latin America responsible for upgrading theTransverse Corridor of Boyacá, which will renovate some 49 km of roads in order to improve access to the northern region of Colombia, thereby facilitating trade and integration with the Ruta del Sol project. The business is executing 528 km of road worksbetween Puerto Salgar and San Roque, a major national highway serving about 20,000 vehicles each day and which is operated by Odebrecht Latinvest through the Ruta del Sol concessionaire.


Mariel Port Expansion Project

Odebrecht Infrastructure - Latin America carried out the expansion project for Mariel Portin the province of Artemisa, 45 km from Havana. This is the first project by the Group in the country. The business is also involved in theadministration of the 5 de Septiembre sugar mill in the province of Cienfuegos, and it carried out the renovation and expansion of the Havana Airport, with the construction of a new terminal.

Dominican Republic

Piedra Blanca-Cruce Highway

The company is also involved in the reconstruction of the Piedra Blanca-Cruce Highway, in Ocoa, with 83 km of extension works, connecting the provinces of Monseñor Nouel (North) and Peravia (South), benefitting nearly 400,000 people. The business is responsible for the construction of the Punta Catalina Thermoelectric Facility, in the province of Bani, and will contribute to the improvement of the country´s energy capacity. 


In 2013, Odebrecht Infrastructure - Latin America completed the aqueducts that traverse the province of Samaná, in the Northeast of the Dominican Republic, as well as in the Province of Hermanas Mirabal, in the North of the country. The two systems benefit more than 190,000 people.


La Esperanza Aqueduct

The business also invested in the La Esperanza Aqueduct project, with 93 km of extensions, which will connect the San Vincente dam to the future Refinaria do Pacífico refinery, whose infrastructure works will also be executed by Odebrecht.

UHE Manduriacu

Odebrecht Infrastructure - Latin America is involved in the construction of the Manduriacu Hydroelectric Power Plant,located 133 km from Quito, the Capital of Ecuador, which will add 60 MW to the energy system of the country. The company executed the Ruta Viva project, a highway connecting Quito to the Mariscal Sucre Airport. The road, which will also connect the capital to the cities of Tumbaco and Cumbayá, promises to be an alternative route for the flow of vehicular traffic, in particular from the Valley of Tumbaco.


Polypropylene Production

Braskem maintains two industrial units in the country for the production of polypropylene. One of these, located in the city of Wesseling, produces 225,000 tons per year of the raw material, and the other, located in Schkopau, manufactures 320,000 tons per year.


Eastern Corridor Highway

Odebrecht Infrastructure - Africa, Arab Emirates and Portugal was involved in the construction of the Eastern Corridor Highway, a system that will connect the capital city of Accra to the provinces in the East of the country.


Highway CA-2

The Group operates in the country through Odebrecht Infrastructure - Latin America, which is working on the improvement of 140 km of Highway CA-2, along the stretch connecting Cocales to Tecún Uman. The works should be delivered by 2016, and the route will connect the main ports in the country all the way to the border with Mexico.


XXI Ethylene Project

In partnership with the Mexican company Idesa, Braskem invested in the XXI Ethylene Project , a petrochemical complex that produces ethylene and polyethylene and which will be inaugurated in 2015. The undertaking - under construction by Odebrecht Industrial Engineering – will aid in the development of the manufacturing industry in Mexico.


Moatize Expansion Project

Odebrecht Infrastructure - Africa, Arab Emirates and Portugal is involved with the expansion of the industrial facilities of the Moatize coal mine, with a partnership agreement with Vale. In the city of Nacala, Odebrecht is completing the new runway at the International Airport and will soon begin the BRT (Bus Rapid Transport) project – considered pioneering in the country – and implementation of the Industrial Free Trade Zone.


Tocumen International Airport expansion

Odebrecht Infrastructure - Latin America is involved in sanitation works for the City and Bay of Panama, and it will provide the Panamanian capital with its first major system for water collection and treatment. The company also carried out the expansion of the capital city´s Tocumen International Airport, whose new terminal will be able to accommodate different kinds of aircraft, such as Boeing 737s and 777s. Line 1 of the Panama Metro is still under construction, and will divide the city from North to South, with 14 stations extending over 15.8 km.


Chaglla Hydroelectric Power Plant

Odebrecht Infrastructure - Latin America is involved in the construction of the Chaglla Hydroelectric Power Plant, which will accommodate two units with a capacity of 225 MW each. It is also involved in the construction of a integrated system for the reception, storage and transportation of mined materials at the Port of Matarani, located in the Bay of Islay, in Arequipa.

New Lima Roads Project

The Odebrecht Latinvest company is involved in the Vias Nuevas Project, in Limawith the aim of modernizing and expanding the three main routes for accessing the Peruvian capital. Through the Rutas de Lima concessionaire, it performed the construction of interchanges, pedestrian bridges, and bus stops. The Business also operates the IIRSA North and IIRSA South Concessionaires, in the road sector, and the Sul Peruano Gas Pipeline Consortium, which is responsible for the implementation and operation of 1,000 km of gas pipelines.

Evitamiento Road

Odebrecht Infrastructure - Latin America completed the Carhuaz-Chacas-San Luis Highway Project, renovating and modernizing 100 km of roads between the districts of Shilla, Chacas, and San Luis, in the region of Ancash. The business also invested in Vía de Evitamiento, in the city of Cusco, which will renovate 9.5 km of the road connecting the districts of Cusco-Puno to Agua Buena. 


Baixo Sabor Hydroelectric Power Facility

Odebrecht Infrastructure - Africa, Arab Emirates and Portugal is involved in civil works for the Baixo Sabor Hydroelectric Power Facility, located in the District of Bragança, in Trás-os-Montes, in the north of the country. The plant will have a capacity of 192 MW and will include the construction of a conventional, double-curvature arched concrete dam, as well as 2,866 meters of tunnels. 

United Arab Emirates

Pump Station PS-01

Odebrecht Infrastructure - Africa, Arab Emirates and Portugal is responsible for the Pump Station PS-01 project  – the deepest and most complex sewage pumping station in the world. In the future, the system will receive all of the waste of Abu Dhabi, with the installation of eight pumps. Started in 2012, the works should be completed by 2015.

United States

Port of Miami

The Group also operates in the country through Odebrecht United States , which is responsible for the renovation of the Port of Miami , in Florida. This project will enable the Port to accommodate super cargo ships entering along the U.S. East Coast from the opening of the new Panama Canal.

Grand Parkway

In Texas, Odebrecht United States built 60 km of roads as part of Grand Parkway, which will cross seven municipalities in the Greater Houston Area, and it finished the expansion of the Sam Houston Tollway and  highway SR 836/I-395 for the Florida Department of Transportation.


With its headquarters in Philadelphia, in the state of Pennsylvania, Braskem has five industrial units producing polypropylene in the United States. Three of them are located in Texas (La Porte, Oyster Creek, and Seadrift), one in Pennsylvania (Marcus Hook), and another in West Virginia (Neal). Additionally, a modern Innovation and Technology Center, located in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), supports the development of innovative solutions and the improvement of existing products and processes.


Los Teques Subway

Odebrecht is involved in the expansion of the Los Teques Subway. Line 2 was created to serve more than a thousand users. The company is also responsible for Line 5 of the Caracas Metro system, covering 13.5 km and 10 stations. The aim is to balance out the number of users of each line of the system in the Venezuelan capital, and to use a massive rail system to connect to Guarenas-Guatire, for which Odebrecht is also responsible. 

Housing Units

Another project is the renovation of the Simón Bolívar International Airport, in Maiquetia, to improve the service of the terminal, the main gateway into the country, and to adapt the structure to serve more passengers. Odebrecht is also responsible for the construction of residential units in Los Teques and Guarenas, which will benefit around 8,000 people.

Puerto La Cruz Refinery

Odebrecht Industrial Engineering, in partnership with PDVSA Engineering and Construction, is responsible for the expansion works of the Deep Conversion Plant of the Puerto La Cruz Refinery, in the State of Anzoátegui. The goal is to increase the processing capacity of Venezuelan heavy oil, thus diversifying the production chain of PDVSA.