Started during the fourth quarter of 2010, the revitalization work at Mariel Port – located 50 km from Cuba's capital of Havana – has been concluded by Odebrecht Infrastructure - Latin America as part of an association with Quality, a company associated with the Cuban government.

The work included the installation of a new International Container Terminal at Mariel Port – with the capacity to move 1 million containers (TEU) per year –, together with the dredging of the Entrance Channel and Turning Basin. The revitalization included the construction of 700 meters of docks for the Container Terminal, a freight center, yards, water supply and waste treatment networks and all of the infrastructure required to supply electricity.

The installation of the new terminal required some improvements to the logistics structure designed for the port: the construction of 11 km of roads and connecting railroad lines. The construction work generated more than 4,000 direct job opportunities and approximately 5,000 indirect ones, while also driving the production chain in Brazil with the export of Brazilian goods and services.

The investments for the modernization work totaled US$ 957 million, with US$ 682 million financed by Brazil and the remainder by Cuba. For the credit approval process, BNDES established an agreement with the Cuban government determining that at least US$ 802 million be spent in Brazil to purchase certifiably Brazilian goods and services. This gave hundreds of Brazilian companies the opportunity to participate in the development by exporting the services they offer as well as the goods manufactured in Brazil.

Exports of Engineering Goods and Services Extend Beyond Construction

Exports of engineering goods and services are strategic for the world's largest economies. Due to the complexity of the projects completed and the high level of market competitiveness, few countries in the world have companies capable of making such exports. Brazil is one of them.
Having operated abroad for 35 years, Odebrecht is one of the main Brazilian exporters of goods and services. In 2012, the Organization exported US$ 318.7 million in engineering and construction goods and services with a total of 60,380 items exported, from small parts to heavy machinery. This result led to the generation of US$ 1.431 billion in foreign currency for Brazil, an amount that helps even out the country's trade balance.
In addition to generating jobs and income, exports of engineering services also drive investments in production and innovation along the chain of suppliers, who become qualified to operate beyond the Brazilian borders.

Photo: Raphael Martins.