For the seventh consecutive year, Exame magazine's 2006 yearbook, Melhores e Maiores, ranks Construtora Norberto Odebrecht as the largest construction company with revenues up to US$ 1.7 billion (*). Seconded Odebrecht in the same ranking: Queiroz Galvão (US$ 515 million), which was picked as the year's best company; Camargo Corrêa (US$ 474 million) and Andrade Gutierrez (US$ 434 million). This year's edition brought a new classification: the 50 largest export company by sales. Odebrecht ranked 10th in this list and confirmed its position as Brazil's largest services export company. The ranking leader was Petrobras seconded by CVRD, Cargill, Embraer, Volkswagen, Bünge, General Motors, Sadia and CST. Odebrecht also marked its position among the largest employers (11th) and the 500 largest companies by sales (64th) a rank in which the company climbed 10 positions in relations to the previous year (2005). (*) The amount refers only to Construtora Norberto Odebrecht parent company revenues