The Dom Cabral Foundation International Business Center has disclosed the 2013 edition of the FDC Brazilian Multinationals’ Ranking – an annual study that classifies the internationalization of Brazilian multinational companies using the transnationality index of UNCTAD, the United Nations entity focused on international trade.

This year, the topic addressed was “How Foreign Policy Affects the Internationalization of Brazilian Companies” and Odebrecht placed eighth in the overall ranking. The company JBS was the leader, followed by Gerdau and Stefanini. In addition to the overall ranking, there are also other themes included in the study, such as the number of countries of operation, in which Odebrecht placed second, trailing only Vale.

The survey revealed that the profit margins of companies abroad is smaller when compared to the profit from the country of origin. Nevertheless, this difference was reduced from 2011 to 2012. It also revealed that 67% of the companies surveyed stated that they plan to expand their operations abroad in 2013.