Odebrecht Venezuela began the construction work for the Second Bridge over Maracaibo Lake, located in Zulia State, known as the Nigale Bridge. The new bridge, which will have four vehicle channels and two railroads, will be the largest road and railway bridge in terms of extension in Latin America, with its 12.4 km.

In September, the first pilaster of the bridge’s Western viaduct was placed in the municipality of Mara. The event included the presence of Members of the company, representatives from the Ministry of Land Transport and from the company PDVSA Ingeniería y Construcción.

The second bridge will contribute toward the region’s economic, social and cultural development, facilitating the future commerce between the Central region of Venezuela and other South American countries, improving the fluidity of the commercial exchange and people’s mobility.

Currently, Zulia has only one option to cross Maracaibo Lake, the Rafael Urdaneta Bridge, constructed 50 years ago. The Nigale Bridge pays tribute to Chief Nigale, the indigenous warrior of the Los Zapara tribe, which came from Zapara Island, located on the lake.

Having operated in the country for 20 years, Odebrecht Venezuela is building the third bridge in Venezuelan lands. The company was responsible for the construction work for the Second Bridge over the Orinoco River (Orinoquia Bridge) and is currently completing the Third Bridge over the Orinoco.