Our Commitment

In December 2016, we signed an agreement to cooperate with Brazilian, American and Swiss authorities and went public to apologize for past wrongdoings. The agreement was the result of a decision, expressed in a notice named Commitment to Brazil, to make a definitive collaboration with the investigations of Operation Car Wash.

On the same day we signed the Leniency Agreement, a legal instrument that in any country, such as the United States, for example, punishes companies for their mistakes or crimes, but also gives them the opportunity to recover, we launched the website Our Commitment to be accountable before the society for all the advances and transformations that are taking place at Odebrecht Group.

Since then, we have strengthened our governance and compliance measures in line with the highest standards. This process includes the arrival of independent members on the holding's boards of directors and all Businesses, the approval of a robust Compliance System, the creation of the global board, the performance of external monitors as part of the Leniency Agreement, And other important actions.

Visit the Our Commitment webpage to see how we have changed and how we are contributing for the construction of a more ethical, honest, and transparent business environment.