Capim Branco II, a hydro plant Odebrecht builds in Minas Gerais, has just carried the Leadership Program for its Section and Department Foremen. The seminar was aimed at training those men who lead men at the work fronts in subjects such as leadership, job safety, productivity and teamwork. The 65 members participating in the training seminar were divided into three groups each receiving two days of training sessions. They convened at a hotel in the city of Uberlândia in which venue they participated in group dynamics, attended lectures and met the project's other areas problems and difficulties. Vera Gaspar, Cássia Alencar and Alan Christiani, from the company's Planning and Development Area provided support to the seminar. According to organizers the first stage was a success. The second stage is to be held in August when differences in conduct, already noted by participants, will be flagged. One example is the present concern in improving communication between foremen and leaders. This is an Odebrecht Energy area pilot-project that is to be applied in other projects of the same area.