Sustainability Policy

Recognition of Culture

One focus of the Odebrecht Sustainability Policy is the recognition of the cultural heritage of those Communities and countries in which it is present. For the past 58 years, the Group has invested in projects that recover artistic values and promote the preservation of historical heritage, both within and beyond the academic world. The main initiatives are related to literary production and researching local knowledge and customs.

The first sponsorship took place in 1959, with the publication of the book Homenagem à Bahia Antiga (“Tribute to Old Bahia”), by historian José Valladares Since then, artists and researchers have received support to develop their projects The result is a collection rich in scope and heterogeneity, with over 200 titles distributed between libraries and public and private entities.

The following are some of the Group's more recent cultural achievements in Brazil and abroad:

  • Publication of volumes such as Taínos , Invasión y Conquista de la Espaniola ("Taínos - Spanish Invasion and Conquest") and República Dominicana: Paisaje - Cultura ("Dominican Republic: Scenery - Culture). The collection is the result of the work of renown Dominican historians and its proposal is to transmit knowledge about the country's history, economy and social-political evolution to current and future generations. The first covers the different aspects of life of the original inhabitants of the territory that currently constitutes the country, La Hispaniola Island, during the Pre-Colombian period. The second one covers the events that occurred after the island was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492, and the subsequent invasion and conquering of its territory starting in 1533. The third one includes chapters about the most relevant aspects of Dominican culture as part of a series of photos.
  • Archeological work developed in Vale do Sabor, Northern Portugal, where the Group is participating in the construction of the Baixo Sabor Hydroelectric Power Plant. With a specialized and dedicated team, the initiative studies and catalogs artistic expressions, primarily rock art, that follow 32,000 years of art as part of the history of humanity.
  • Elaboration of guidelines for the cultural recognition of a region, such as in the African Heritage Historical and Archeological Circuit Curatorial Work Group, in the Rio de Janeiro Port Zone. The entity determines the guidelines for implementing policies designed to promote the memory and protection of this cultural heritage, one which combines historical sites  such as the Valongo and Imperatriz Docks, New Black Cemetery, Deposit Square, Valongo Garden, Salt Rock and José Bonifácio Cultural Center.
  • The Cultural Promotion initiatives promoted by Braskem that encourage the arts, such as the Braskem Theater Award and the sponsorship for Frontiers of Thinking.

The Odebrecht Cultural Editions are grouped into four themes: ArtsCities and RegionsHistory and Partnership. Certain publications classify in more than one theme.