Recognition of Culture

Cities and Regions

Odebrecht sponsors a collection of books featuring the characteristics of the cities and regions found in Brazil and abroad. Through these works, readers can discover more about the unique characteristics of places like Fernando de Noronha Island and Vale do São Francisco, as well as the wealth of cosmopolitan municipalities like São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte and Porto Alegre. 

The publications also unveil the history and beauties of countries like the Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Venezuela.

The following is the archive sponsored by the Group:

Echoes from the Middle of the World

The mark of the middle of the world, Ecuador combines cultural nuances, different ethnicities - some centuries old - and contrasting landscapes within a complex geography.

Ecos de la Mitad Del Mundo, a bilingual publication (Portuguese / Spanish), presents the reader with the diversity of the four regions of Ecuador, seen from the artistic perspective of Tina Coêlho and João Paulo Barbosa – two young and talented Brazilian photographers.

Published in 2002, the book gathers hundreds of poetic images, chosen from thousands of produced photos. They take us on a journey through the volcanoes of the Ecuadorian mountains, through the world’s largest marshes along the country’s coastal region, through the indigenous villages of the Ecuadorian Amazon and through the Wonders of Galápagos Island, considered a jewel of biodiversity.

Environmental Atlas of Porto Alegre

Atlas Ambiental de Porto Alegre, produced by Rualdo Menegat, Maria Luiz Porto, Clovis Carlos Carraro and Luís Alberto Dávila Fernandes, shows the geological evolution and natural history of the city of Porto Alegre. The publication was sponsored by Odebrecht and launched in 1998.

Gramado Brasil

Photos by Leonid Streliaev and texts by Luís Fernando Veríssimo present the city of Gramado to readers. The work was sponsored by the Odebrecht Organization and launched in 2006.

Historical Aspects of Civil Engineering in São Paulo - 1860-1960

The changes unleashed by economic progress in the state of São Paulo left visible marks in the area of civil construction. These include tall buildings, wide avenues and major public works.

Aspectos da História da Engenharia Civil em São Paulo – 1860-1960, published in 1989 with trilingual text (Portuguese /English / Spanish), is the documented record of these transformations. The research conducted by Nestor Goulart Reis Filho is what gave origin to this work.

From the São Paulo Railway in 1860, to the construction of the hydroelectric power plants in the 1950s, the book illustrates and analyzes the most significant projects for the period. It also shows the technological progress made in the area of civil engineering.

Nature in the Historic Cartography of Rio Grande do Sul

Written by Gervásio Rodrigo Neves, A Natureza na Cartografia Histórica do Rio Grande do Sul earned Odebrecht’s sponsorship and was published in 2008. The publication recovers representations of geographic space and the environment corresponding to the territory of Rio Grande do Sul. To accomplish this, the author uses cartography and cartographed history.