Recognition of Culture


Encouraging the preservation and propagation of Society's memory is crucial for strengthening collective identity and guaranteeing the sustainable development of the Communities.  Attentive to this fact, Odebrecht invests in the archives of institutes, biographies and records marking the history of different countries and corporations.

They are works such as the one that reconstructs the journey of Brazil's discovery; which narrates the end of the Empire and the instauration of Republic in Brazil, or the one that details how the population of African descent helped build the country. There are also the biographies, such as of Castro Alves and Father José de Anchieta; and the compilations of works, such as the Itamaraty Map Collection, a dictionary of scientific biographies and a work by Italian naturalist Antônio José Landi, completed in the 18th century, which features sketches of Brazilian fauna and flora.

The following is the Group's archive:

200 Years of Industry in Brazil

Sponsored by Odebrecht and launched in 2008, 200 Anos de Indústria no Brasil was written by Julio Heilbron and Elmer Corrêa Barbosa. The work celebrates the 200-year anniversary of the enactment of the license by Dom João VI, which allowed for the installation of factories and manufacturing firms in Brazil, together with the 70 years of the National Confederation of Industry. The book addresses the elements and facts that characterize Brazil’s industrialization process.

Ajuris 60 Years: Being a Rio Grande do Sul Judge

A work published by Günter Axt, Ajuris 60 Anos: O Fazer-se da Magistratura Gaúcha received Odebrecht Organization sponsorship and was launched in 2006. The work reconstitutes the associative and professional experience of the judges and shares the history of the Rio Grande do Sul judges association.

Anonymous Talents – Ecuador

To celebrate 10 years of operations in Ecuador, Odebrecht launched a contest for local journalists in 1998, inviting them to tell the stories of complete strangers. The criterion was for these individuals to have contributed to improving and developing their communities.

The result of this challenge was Talentos Anónimos, which gathers the top ten stories selected from the 64 entered.

Published in Spanish in 1998, the book is an example of the Odebrecht Organization’s concern with preserving the cultural heritage of the communities in which it operates. The art director of the work was Juan Manuel Koenig and the photographs are by Luciano Koenig.

Anonymous Talents – Peru

Talentos Anónimos gathers the winning news articles from a contest promoted by Odebrecht in Peru. The contest invited journalists to tell the stories of anonymous individuals who silently invest their lives and efforts to pursuing difficult dreams in benefit to their communities.

Published in 2004 in Spanish, the book presents 10 illustrated stories with photos, awarded by a jury made up of renowned scholars and journalists.

Aparados da Serra

In Aparados da Serra, author Renato Dalto gathers the scientific notes, photographs and texts of Father Balduino Rambo S. J. The priest avidly promoted the creation of scientific institutions and environmental conservation. The book was published in English and Portuguese in 2007.