Recognition of Culture


Encouraging the preservation and propagation of Society's memory is crucial for strengthening collective identity and guaranteeing the sustainable development of the Communities.  Attentive to this fact, Odebrecht invests in the archives of institutes, biographies and records marking the history of different countries and corporations.

They are works such as the one that reconstructs the journey of Brazil's discovery; which narrates the end of the Empire and the instauration of Republic in Brazil, or the one that details how the population of African descent helped build the country. There are also the biographies, such as of Castro Alves and Father José de Anchieta; and the compilations of works, such as the Itamaraty Map Collection, a dictionary of scientific biographies and a work by Italian naturalist Antônio José Landi, completed in the 18th century, which features sketches of Brazilian fauna and flora.

The following is the Group's archive:

Darcy Azambuja – Life and Works

Author Geraldo Hass describes the life and works of Rio Grande do Sul writer Darcy Azambuja in the book Darcy Azambuja: Vida e Obra. The publication was sponsored by Odebrecht and launched in 2005.

Dictionary of Scientific Biographies

Dicionário De Biografias Científicas, written by Charles Coulston, César Benjamin and Carlos Almeida Pereira, gathers 329 different biographical essays on the greatest thinkers and scientists of all times from a range of different fields of knowledge. The Brazilian edition of this worldwide reference on the history of thought was sponsored by Odebrecht and published in 2007.

Economic and Political Memories on Brazil's Public Administration

The book gathers five economic and political memories on public administration, written by Antonio José Gonçalves Chaves from 1822 to 1823. The work also recovers facts and people considered crucial to the formation of the Rio Grande do Sul population’s unique character.

Memórias Ecônomo-Políticas sobre a Administração Pública do Brasil was launched in 2004 with Odebrecht sponsorship.

Fifty Years of Urbanization – Salvador of Bahia during the 19th Century

Winner of the Clarival do Prado Valladares Award in 2004, the research project authored by Consuelo Novais Sampaio, professor at the Federal University of Bahia, was transformed into a book the following year. The illustrated edition features 200 images, many never before published.

50 Anos de Urbanização – Salvador da Bahia no século XIX addresses the changes and reactions provoked in Salvador with the development of the urban service network. During the second half of the 19th century, the city received its first public transportation, water supply, sanitation and lighting services.

The study demonstrates how these services gave Salvador a modernity that set it apart from the major Brazilian cities of the time. It also showed that the advance was driven heavily by private investments, as part of a successful partnership between the government and executives.

Floriano’s Sword

A Espada de Floriano was written by Elmar Bonés. The book, sponsored by Odebrecht and published in 2000, shares the history of the radicals who created and sustained the Republic after the Military Coup that overthrew Emperor Dom Pedro II in November 1889.