Recognition of Culture


Encouraging the preservation and propagation of Society's memory is crucial for strengthening collective identity and guaranteeing the sustainable development of the Communities.  Attentive to this fact, Odebrecht invests in the archives of institutes, biographies and records marking the history of different countries and corporations.

They are works such as the one that reconstructs the journey of Brazil's discovery; which narrates the end of the Empire and the instauration of Republic in Brazil, or the one that details how the population of African descent helped build the country. There are also the biographies, such as of Castro Alves and Father José de Anchieta; and the compilations of works, such as the Itamaraty Map Collection, a dictionary of scientific biographies and a work by Italian naturalist Antônio José Landi, completed in the 18th century, which features sketches of Brazilian fauna and flora.

The following is the Group's archive:

Pampa Vision

The novel Visão do Pampa, by Rivadavia Severo, narrates the reality of Rio Grande do Sul at the turn of the 20th century. The work, sponsored by the Odebrecht, was launched in 2007.

People’s Fair

The book a Feira da Gente, authored by Walter Galvani da Silveira, celebrates the fifty-year anniversary of the Porto Alegre Book Fair and narrates the story of each one of the event’s 50 editions. The publication was sponsored by the Odebrecht Organization and launched in 2004.

Petrochemical Makes History

In A Petroquímica Faz História, authors Elmar Bones and Sérgio Lagranha seek to register the entire evolution of the petrochemical industry in Brazil from a journalistic perspective. In addition to explaining the origin of the first Brazilian centers, the authors present the important historical events by researching the news found in the country's main newspapers. The book was launched in 2008 with Odebrecht sponsorship.

Pioneers of Ecology

The book Pioneiros da Ecologia, by Elmar Bones and Geraldo Hasse, addresses the history of the environmentalist movement in Rio Grande do Sul, with aims of gathering bits and pieces of the memory of its pioneers. The work was published in 2002.

Portuguese Coins from the Era of Discoveries

The coins of the Rio de Janeiro National History Museum constitute a rich and varied archive on Portuguese-Brazilian numismatics. They represent true documents from the history of navigation and the conflicts between civilizations marked by different languages, cultures and religions.

Moedas Portuguesas da Época dos Descobrimentos presents a significant part of this archive, which is said to be of priceless cultural value. Launched in partnership with the Banco do Brasil Foundation and the Brazilian National Mint, the book complements the exhibit with the same name, promoted by the museum as part of the celebrations for the 500 Years Since the Discovery.

With a project by Heleny Pires de Castro and editorial coordination by Rejane Maria Lobo Vieira, the book is unique both in terms of the historical information it presents as well as the photograph reproductions of the exhibited pieces, which fell under the responsibility of Enéas Gonçalves de Loreto. The work was published in 2000 in two languages.