Recognition of Culture


With aims of preserving the historical, artistic and cultural heritage of those countries in which it operates, Odebrecht has established partnerships with publishers, universities, class entities and government agencies. Such work makes it possible to promote important projects in the area. Developed by scholars, the works address a range of different topics, but share the common trait of proposing a reflection about the past, present and future of different social segments.

Learn more about the titles that have resulted from these partnerships below: 

(Un)sustainable Metropolises

Metrópoles (In)Sustentáveis, by Peruvian architect and urbanist Eduardo Neira Alva, presents a global vision of the complex and contradictory reality of Latin American metropolises. Published in 1997, the work also shows his main current concerns: unemployment, the lack of housing, pollution and violence. the author seeks to evoke a collective imaginary to construct the model of a city in which everyone would want to live.

The book is the result of a joint project by Odebrecht and the publisher Editora Relume-Dumará.

150 Years of the UFBa Polytechnic School

Founded in 1898, the UFBa Polytechnic School, formerly known as the Bahia Polytechnic School, currently offers six undergraduate courses, five master's courses and 16 specialization courses to some 3,000 students. Several nationally renowned professionals, illustrious politicians, executives and artists have passed through its doors.

Published in 2003, 105 Anos da Escola Politécnica da UFBa received Braskem and Cetrel sponsorship and was organized by Professor Caiuby Alves da Costa. The book features statements and documents produced over more than a century, together with texts written especially for the publication.

450 Years of Advertising in Brazil

A book catalog that includes 70% of the pieces presented at the exhibit by the same name, 450 Anos de Propaganda na Bahia is the result of extensive work by researcher and advertising executive Nelson Varón Cadena. It seeks to recover the details of Bahia’s advertising history.

Published in 1998 in partnership with the Bahia State Government, the book features samples and reproductions of advertisements collected in files and libraries. It also presents a selection of contemporary pieces awarded in regional, national and international contests.

50 Years of the Electric Music Car

Published in 2000 by the company Corrupio, 50 Anos do Trio Elétrico by Fred Góes celebrates the Golden Jubilee celebration of the emergence of the first electric trio Carnival float taken to the streets of Salvador by Dodô and Osmar. The work uses photos and testimonials to narrate and document the evolution of one of the most inventive and successful expressions of Brazilian Carnival.

A Question of Equality... Antônio Vieira and Black Slavery in Bahia in the 17th Century

On the year marking 300 years since the death of Father Antônio Vieira, the Bahia Academy of Arts and Letters and Copene founded the Antônio Vieira International Award. It would be focused on works about the individual considered one of the greatest prose writers in the Portuguese language. Highly successful, Uma questão de igualdade..., by Minas Gerais historian Magno Vilela, was launched in 1997 by the publisher Relume Dumará. The author puts Vieira’s personality into context and reconstitutes his history, emphasizing his role defending the black and indigenous peoples.