Recognition of Culture


With aims of preserving the historical, artistic and cultural heritage of those countries in which it operates, Odebrecht has established partnerships with publishers, universities, class entities and government agencies. Such work makes it possible to promote important projects in the area. Developed by scholars, the works address a range of different topics, but share the common trait of proposing a reflection about the past, present and future of different social segments.

Learn more about the titles that have resulted from these partnerships below: 

André Rebouças – Reform and Utopia within the Context of the Second Empire

André Rebouças - Reforma e Utopia no Contexto do Segundo Império is the result of the doctorate thesis of professor Juselice Jucá. After receiving Odebrecht sponsorship, the work was published in 2001 and received the help of other institutions: the Joaquim Nabuco Foundation; Brazilian Historical and Geographical Institute; Rio de Janeiro Engineering Club; the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) Polytechnic School; and the University of São Paulo (USP) Brazilian Studies Institute.

The book reports the history of the Bahia engineer and addresses the land issue within the context of the abolitionist movement and the struggles for social and structural reforms. The ideas presented in the book are defended by Rebouças.

Angolan Literature Library

A project of the Angolan publisher Edições Maianga, Biblioteca de Literatura Angolana, published in 2005, features 24 works of different genres and themes by Angolan writers of different generations. The first box of the collection presents works by authors dating back before Angola’s independence. The second features the contemporary authors, some of whom created works during the independence process.

The collection facilitates professor and student access to the country's best literature and contributes to affirming the identity of the Angolan people during the national reconstruction period.

Archives of Memory

A permanent record of the exhibit in celebration of the 50-year anniversary of the State University of Rio de Janeiro (EURJ), Acervos de Memória sought to recover the memory of how the institution was built. The photographs that illustrate the work were obtained from the collections of the different units of UERJ, donations by public service employees and research at the National Archive. A multidisciplinary team formed by librarians, historians, archivists, conservation technicians and university professors and interns organized them for the book, published in 2001.

At the Service of Brazil – The History of Rômulo de Almeida

Public service employee, an idealist democrat and economist, Rômulo de Almeida took part in political events and innovations in public management that drove Brazil's development, and particularly that of the State of Bahia.

In A Serviço do Brasil – a trajetória de Rômulo de Almeida, launched in 2006, Aristeu de Souza and J. Carlos de Assis reveal the economist's perspective on economic planning and public policies over a four-decade period – from 1946 to 1988.

Bahia Academy of Arts and Letters Magazine

The 48th edition of Revista da Academia de Letras da Bahia, sponsored by the Odebrecht Organization, features articles by Cid Teixeira and Monsenhor Gaspar Sadoc, in addition to stories, poems, chronicles and theater texts. The edition was published in 2008.