Recognition of Culture


With aims of preserving the historical, artistic and cultural heritage of those countries in which it operates, Odebrecht has established partnerships with publishers, universities, class entities and government agencies. Such work makes it possible to promote important projects in the area. Developed by scholars, the works address a range of different topics, but share the common trait of proposing a reflection about the past, present and future of different social segments.

Learn more about the titles that have resulted from these partnerships below: 

Calasans Neto – Engravings

Part of the Dibujos series published by the Jorge Amado Home Foundation in 1998, Calasans Neto – Grabados presents the Bahia painter and his work. The book features comments by major names in national culture, such as Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Vinícius de Moraes and Glauber Rocha.

Canudos Memorial

The result of a partnership between Odebrecht and the Bahia State Secretary of Culture, Memorial de Canudos is the iconographic record of country life in rural Bahia. The scenario of the “Canudos War” – which took place at the end of the past century – is interpreted based on the vision of painter Trípoli Gaudenzi. Published in 1996, it also includes an introductory text by researcher José Calazans.

Carlos Bastos – Drawings

Part of the Desenhos (“Drawings”) series by the Jorge Amado Home Foundation, Carlos Bastos – Desenhos presents the work of painter Carlos Bastos, one of the most important Brazilian muralists. The work also presents the texts of different personalities associated with the arts, such as Clarival do Prado Valladares, Henrique Pongetti and Di Cavalcanti. Published in 2001 and organized by Claudius Portugal, the book gathers information on the artist’s career and includes a timeline of his life and work.

Carlos Reverbel: Selected Texts

Carlos Reverbel: Textos Escolhidos, by Elmar Bones and Cláudia Laitano, is a reproduction of news stories and other texts by Carlos Reverbel. The Rio Grande do Sul journalist always promoted the state’s culture. The publication, launched in 2006, was sponsored by Copesul, a company integrated with Braskem.

Childhood Forgotten: Salvador 1900-1940

Published in 2003 by the Federal University of Bahia (UFBa) Publisher, A Infância Esquecida constitutes a rigorous and sensitive study on the policies designed to combat child abandonment adopted by the Republic during the first decades of the 20th century.

With the city of Salvador as its scenario, this work by Andréa da Rocha Rodrigues constitutes an essential source for understanding the roots of the failure of the child and adolescent protection system. The book is heavily documented with graphics, tables and illustrations.