Recognition of Culture


With aims of preserving the historical, artistic and cultural heritage of those countries in which it operates, Odebrecht has established partnerships with publishers, universities, class entities and government agencies. Such work makes it possible to promote important projects in the area. Developed by scholars, the works address a range of different topics, but share the common trait of proposing a reflection about the past, present and future of different social segments.

Learn more about the titles that have resulted from these partnerships below: 

Five Stories

Published in 2004 and illustrated by Bel Borba, Calasans Neto, J. Cunha, Murilo and Sergio Rabinovitch, Cinco Histórias gathers brief narratives written by Jorge Amado for the first time in book format. The stories, published in anthologies and periodicals, are the following: “Do jogo de dados e dos rígidos princípios” (“The Roll of the Dice and Rigid Principles); “História de carnaval” (“History of Carnival”); “As mortes e o triunfo de Rosalinda” ("The Deaths and Triumphs of Rosalinda”); “De como o mulato Porciúncula descarregou seu defunto” (“How the Mulato Porciúncula Unloaded His Corpse”); and “O episódio de Siroca” (“Siroca’s Episode”).

Fixation of the Text of the Works of Jorge Amado

In partnership with the publisher Editora Record, the project Fixação de Texto da Obra de Jorge Amado began in 1994. Organized by the writer’s daughter, Paloma Amado, the work includes the revision and publication of the thirty books that make up Jorge Amado’s work. The writer himself assumed the responsibility of supervising the work.

Floriano Teixeira – Drawings

The self-taught painter, designer, miniaturist, portrait painter, etcher and sculptor Floriano Teixeira is honored in this book of the Desenhos (“Drawings”) series of the Jorge Amado Home Foundation. The work, published in 1997 and supported by the Carlos Costa Pinto Museum Foundation and the Bahia State Government, presents illustrations produced by Teixeira for Jorge Amado’s works. The artist is presented by the texts of important names in painting and literature and by a summary of his career.

From Day to Day – The Flame of Life of the Argentineans in 1,600 km of Shared Stories

The publication, written by Sérgio Llamera, portrays the stories of Argentineans who live in the areas of influence of the Gas Pipeline Expansion Project undertaken by the construction company in the country. De Sol a Sol – A Chama da Vida dos Argentinos em 1.600 km de Histórias Compartilhadas was produced by the agency Llorente e Cuenca, together with the sponsorship of Construtora Norberto Odebrecht.

Through texts and images, the work creates a parallel between the values that govern the Odebrecht Organization and the entrepreneurial spirit of the Argentineans. These values have been instilled in the actions of people of different ages and cultures.

Gregório de Mattos: The Poet Reborn Every Year

Gregório de Mattos: o poeta renasce a cada ano was published in 2000 by the Federal University of Bahia (UFBa) Bahia Studies Center and organized by professor Fernando da Rocha Peres. The book gathers the works by Brazilian scholars and Portuguese specialist Ana Hatherly, presented in an international meeting with the same name that took place at the Bahia Academy of Arts and Letters.