Vision of the Future

Knowledgeable People

“The human being is the measure of all the Group’s values"

In this excerpt from the book Survival, Growth and Perpetuity, Norberto Odebrecht makes reference to the importance of people in making business opportunities viable. Choosing members who are willing to serve and are motivated by dreams – both their own and those of their co-workers – has been one of the main efforts of the Group throughout its seven decades of existence.

Odebrecht is made up of knowledgeable people who, in collaboration with their leaders, blaze a trail to progress and face challenges. The Group's projects are managed by 128,000 members of 80 nationalities, who work in 25 countries. They are responsible for transformations around the world, with the purpose of meeting the needs of their clients and of contributing to the development of their communities. 

The development of human beings is both the starting and the ending point of all activities carried out by Odebrecht. The training of knowledgeable people takes place when there is a leader-team member relationship based on individual action programs. 

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In the Education through Work program, leaders devote their time and attention to new generations of members, making it possible to continually renew the decisive elements for Odebrecht´s survival, growth and perpetuity. The relationship among members is guided by the practices of humility and honest, open and loyal dialogue.

The Education for Work programs seek to improve and supplement Education through Work by developing skills and increasing the technical knowledge of members. Some of these programs are:

  • Introduction to the Odebrecht culture, offered to recent hires.

  • Training and development of young partners;

  • Entrepreneur development program - PDE;

  • MBA;

  • Technical knowledge programs in areas such as contract management, paving, supply and logistics, tunnels and equipment.

Activities designed for the training of professionals are guided by the Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology (TEO) and illustrate the true value of serving.

“Genuine entrepreneurs are a very special type of human being. Their purpose in life is to serve their fellow man, taking the lead in the production of wealth, that is, the goods and services that our species requires for survival, growth and perpetuity”.

Education through Work
Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology